Battle Helm

Whenever I see a band name that has anything Neuro in it I immediately assume that I'm in for something very technical and cerebral. That maybe we?re in for the next Meshuggah or a new Atheist or maybe somebody picking up where Watchtower left off. Of all the bands mentioned above I understand Atheist the best and Meshuggah the least. That doesn't mean that I can't appreciate what they do. Neuronia lean the most towards Meshuggah without being as complicated or complex. With a base of thrash metal they build a musical house closer to Picasso than Dali, more Cubism than Surrealism so to speak. Closer to mainstream metal than to avant-garde. Do I like it? On any given day I wouldn't put it on but when the need for something outside the box show it's ugly face I might pick Neuronia as entertainment.

Anders Ekdahl /Battle Helm/


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