QUO VADIS "Infernal Chaos" 2010
/Total Metal Records/

1.Caducus 05:59
2.Blood for Oil 04:38
3.Bomb & Fire 05:44
4.Black Horizon 03:56
5.Chaos 06:56
6.Dreams 03:39
7.Cross of Gold 05:15
8.East vs. West 04:27
9.Nimue 05:57
10.Evil Dad 03:02
11.Russia 04:45





Battle Helm

I'm a film buff. I even have a degree in Film but I had not heard of the movie Quo Vadis until this album by Polish Quo Vadis (I googled the name in search of info) came my way. A band I've heard of and read
about but never ever bothered to check out. The movie of the same name is set in ancient Rome and is another of those epic battle movies like Ben-Hur or Spartacus. What has this to do with the band Quo Vadis. Probably nothing except that the band, just like the heroes in those movies, seems to fight against an invincible adversary. Having released 7 albums prior to this you'd think that Quo Vadis would be bigger and better known. To me Quo Vadis are like that band that shared an LP with Sepultura, Overdose. Everybody knows of the split-lp but they don't know of the other band. Quo Vadis should have an even bigger audience for their death/thrash metal. I had no big hopes for "Infernal Chaos" but I was surprisingly positive about it after spending time in its company. Quo Vadis shouldn't be "the other band". They should be "the band".

Anders Ekdahl /Battle Helm/


Polish band Quo Vadis is with us with their 8th full album. This is the second album to date recorded in english, of the band which formed in 1986. The album consists on 11 tracks and labeled as Twilight/Chaos Records. Even the band called as death/thrash band, when you listen the album, you’ll notice a big difference that thrash is dominant. Still Quo Vadis made it extraordinary and create progressive impact. And this effects saved the album of being monotonous. Album starts with ‘Caducus’. With the power of clean drums and guitar tone, it seems that vocals have stayed in the background. Second track ‘Blood For Oil’ is a remarkable work with the lyrics; with the hate that they feel about communism, reflecting their political views; didn’t refrain from criticism of negative thoughts. Following track ‘Bomb & Fire’ born from a combination of interaction of east and Balkan melodies with combination of thrash metal. Again one of the remarkable pieces, ’Chaos’ starts with nice and catchy trash riifs in a strong way. Actually this is one of the tracks that I liked but there is something wrong about it; the old school thrash way drums is too much for the track, or the vocals are just not enough… ‘East vs. West’ could take your attention with lyrics and ‘Nimue’ is a track that you might like. About ‘Evil Dad’, it starts with the style that you get used to know from old school thrash bands with its drums. And last track ‘Russia’ ends the album in a solid way. But frankly I didn’t find this album as a very successful one. Diversity is good, yes but ours is little like a soup… Also the vocals felt like there is always something missing. Still there are some parts to take notice so I’m gonna have to say ‘it’s okay, not bad’. Polish Marek "Pty?" Jastrzebski made the artwork of cover. But the previous design censored because of having a nazi symbol. Anyway as a result, the album is not a death, not progressive nor thrash; just thrash is dominant in the music. So I can’t say that I’m amused. It’s your decision…

Liova (http://www.extreminal.com/)


Very common case when due to lack of information left out good albums of talented bands off. That would be so what happened to the Polish band Quo Vadis, whose new album «Infernal Chaos» came in my hands by the providence. Until then I didn’t have a clue about their existence but in vain ... It turned out that at home Quo Vadis still quite well known and we can say are veterans of Polish metal scene. So «Infernal Chaos» is a well-written & moderately fast death/thrash metal with catchy melodies and slightly reminded me of Sentenced mid 90th. The only difference is that unlike northern counterparts the Poles are focused on the socio-political themes in their songs. Thought about the similarities with Sentenced comes to mind is mainly due to the vocal.
And here's all the similarity ends because thrash basis musically dominated. And it's not dry, canonical but very melodic thrash metal with beautiful arrangements that give the music depth and volume. One gets the impression that the musicians make this album primarily for themselves, getting pleasure from the creative process and their own power. Perhaps that is why «Infernal Chaos» turned an interesting and not boring album. Felt that the musicians put into it not only skill gained through years, but also part of their souls. I personally, liked the assertive «Caducus» and «Chaos», rocking «Bomb & Fire» with oriental motifs and undoubted thriller of the album - «Cross of Gold» with deployed solos and thrash drive. Very funny looks last song on the album - «Russia». Here the musicians showed they still remember the Russian language. Remember not so well but nevertheless try not to forget & as they could in all seriousness sang the great Russia while not forgetting to insert the tune of “Katyusha”. It turned out fun. In general Quo Vadis have all the right to be proud by this album and my advice for fans of death/thrash metal to take this band on your note. In Eastern Europe CD released and distributed by Metal Scrap Records (Ukraine).


Fucking Thrashhell'zine #2

They are Polish bearded men of TRUE THRASH METAL. They began to play at the time of handwritten fanzines and the only printing house for them was Xerox (Hail KRUGER bro!), when the cassettes were sent by a letters (Hail Demo tape recording!) and festivals were known as "Strashidlo" and "Metalmania" (Hail Polish DIE HARD Maniacs!). Now imagine how old they are, ha-ha! Yes but the music of these veterans wasn’t changed. Here is the old discipline, heavy and thick walls of sound and only THRASH METAL. With such the eighth album QUO VADIS meets us. Album - energy that charges the incredible emotion. Powerful and Crush! You can endlessly argue about the relevance of this genre for the underground but I will say one thing - it persevered during indiscriminate black metal domination, it stood in the gothic time, it will be alive right now (incomprehensible time), while there are soldiers of THRASH METAL like QUO VADIS! 
Thanks Kruger for the individual order and METAL SCRAP office for the release of such product.

ALEXUMER (Fucking Thrashhell'zine #2)


No, this is not the Canadian Quo Vadis and no, nor is it a branch of the motorclub Quo Vadis either. At least not as far as my knowledge stretches. The meaning of the name is significantly “where doth thou go”, or “where do you go”. It is Latin, in case you didn’t get that either. But what is it then? It is the umpteenth band from Poland who delivers a work that to each objective judgment is clear, has their shit together.
However, in the song ‘Blood For Oil’ for instance, which undoubtedly will have a political background, the Polish accent is a bit too apparent. This makes it funny rather than angry. Add to that the Arabic samples that they use and I’m totally taken out of the right mood, which I was brought in, actually. And elements like this occur on more than one occasion, sadly. With traditional solos a bit of the vibe is brought back, but all together, I can’t be bothered with the initiative. But do feel free to form an opinion of your own. Apart from that, it is really a job well done. Old school death metal, played tight, with a nice groove. The other elements, you may like them, don’t add much tension to it, really. It even sounds a bit forced. Too bad, these strange endeavors; probably added to give it something special, but sort of takes the sting out of the bee.

Rating: 72/100
Ramon (http://www.lordsofmetal.nl/)
Issue 116
July / August 2011


This is the same QUO VADIS that was described in #3 of RITES OF ZYGADENA as one of the cult Thrash Metal bands hailing from Polish lands. They still are walking on their path (but "Quo Vadis" they are heading to? Hahaha!) which they took in 1986. Maybe the music is different from what they presented on their demos or debut album; it is not so aggressive anymore, a bit slower and certainly "better" produced. But overall QUO VADIS still creates honest, strong Thrash Metal that should satisfy every maniakkk of this genre! These guys play for many years, so there is no more of that primordial primitivism you could find on their early recordings but I think most of the bands that are coming from 80s like SLAYER, OVERKILL, TESTAMENT, KREATOR, etc went through these changes. Today QUO VADIS is a very mature Thrash but what's nice about their last album is the fact that it is still rousing and riveting thank to good riffs and song writing. I saw on internet a note that QUO VADIS is a "Progressive" Thrash Metal band…? Well, as I just wrote they are really established musicians and tight as a band but I personally don't hear too much of "Progressive Metal" in their last album.

Lyrics say about more mundane topics as wars in Middle-East, terrorism, alcoholism, etc. so don't expect much of a "Satan" here despite the title of this album. I don't have an impression that this band is burned out and I think they still have a lot of fun creating their stuff. That's important. You should check it out yourself!

Kreator (RITES OF ZYGADENA 'zine # 4)


Bloody hell, these lads are still at it? Quo Vadis have nerves to name themselves with a ‘Vad’, with a certain fellow Polish death machine having done rather prosperously over the last fifteen years.
QV guys carved their own niche from the start and still do with their brand of progressive death metal. Largely thrash-oriented as always, they stick to sharp middle of the road riffs, fast or slow but never less than blood -tinglingly furious. Strings and keyboards both race each other along with the angrily spat aural charges and the intensity brews rather worryingly towards the boil here.
Save ‘Cauducus’, ‘Blood For Oil’, ‘Black Horizon’, ‘Chaos’, ‘Cross Of Gold’ and ‘Evil Dad’ for a pre-gig mosh rehearsal or repeatedly blast your bedroom windows out - whichever you chose ‘Infernal’ Chaos for will be less than a waste as the talent certainly isn’t one with this lot.

Dave Attrill (www.metalliville.co.uk)

Vibrations Of Doom

One of the first releases we received was this Polish band with a rather LONG history of albums. This was such a confusing album to review, simply because there was a LOT of things going on in this record, and what worked for some songs didn't for others, and the exact opposite became true over repeated listens. First off, they shot themselves in the foot with their choice of vocal stylings; the sung vocals are quite rough and don't always work well within certain contexts. One thing that CAN be agreed upon from start to finish: these guys know how to write some crunchy and KILLER thrashy riffs! Damn, where to start. How about the beginning, opener 'Caducus' starts us out with very odd spoken word pieces that are obviously indecipherable. Fast thrash is the order of the song, and though the intensity level is high, the slower sung vocals are a bit hard to take. I spent the majority of the first few listens almost hating the vocal work. By track 2, 'Blood For Oil,' I started wondering if this could be Islam's first extreme metal band? The way those sung vocals are phrased, and of course the whole description of what seems to be American warfare for oil. The choppy guitars make their appearance, but the choruses are so wrongly phrased and quite overrepetitive. EVen by saying 'oil for blood' in the choruses, it's still obvious that they aren't grasping the concept properly. Finally, track 3, 'Bomb And Fire.' VERY simplistic but the catchiest and most vicious track on the album. This song is either praise for Allah, or a rather tongue in cheek satirical blow at Islam's "terrorists." That being said, once again the sung vocals are odd, though you can't help by the way they are done that you're seeing some Middle Eastern garment wearing, long bearded Islam practitioner kneeling down to pray and muttering these very words. Choruses are quite strong, and when the vocals are sung loudly they are the best. 'Black Horizon' had rough edged sung choruses, and the mainline vocals were quite cool. Worst song here, hands down, is 'Evil Dad.' Listen to the lyrics, man, they are the WORST! Especially the kinda creepy sung vocal work starting this out. And I had to laugh at the opening guitar work on 'Dreams,' can anyone tell me that this Polish group had never heard the Megadeth song 'Symphony Of Destruction?' Once again, the rough sung vocals REALLY betray the fact that English is NOT the singer's strong suit. And some of the best riffs on the album are heard on the cut 'Chaos,' though this time the weird guitar work threatens this mightily. The slower sung choruses weren't bad, but this tune SHOULD have been so much better constructed. 'Cross Of Gold,' 'East Vs. West' and 'Mimue' all prove that the dedication and the ideas are there, but the band just couldn't execute the endings properly. The band definitely has some good ideas, but they need to start by examining in great detail the way they put all these elements together. The thrashy guitar work is the main highlight, and the sound is thunderous and tight, but poorly executed. I also think a change in singer might be warranted, or at least cut back on some of the sung elements. I am interested to hear how earlier albums from them sound, as their back catalog goes all the way to 1991!

Vibrations Of Doom

Terroraiser #44

That's exactly SEPULTURA would sound continuing to bend the same line as on the album "Beneath The Remains" and "Arise". Good or bad? For me personally - it just excellent! Recently I have not heard such really extreme classic but at the same time with a contemporary sound thrash. Veterans of Polish metal scene managed to make a great comeback from the second Polish league, where the band stayed for a long time, right to the highest - and I think their chance to get in the Champions League of metal is very high. Waiting for spring tour of Poles in Ukraine and of course the next album.

/Terroraiser #44/

Dark City №59

Here're the veterans of Polish underground metal stage with their new vigorous opus! Continuing started back in 1986 criticism of the world political system coupled with acute social and religious themes they are now relentlessly beating by their lyrics on the most of current interest themes: the oil war, Islamic terrorism, alcoholism, domestic violence ... But for us the most interesting song in this album will certainly be the final "Russia". At the same time musically Quo Vadis totally don't look like that kind of dinosaurs of 80th: based on the classic thrash their songs are regularly captured and melodic death metal area, well & number of interesting arrangements and modern sound added to the album "Inferal Chaos" the necessary urgency. Not bad, not bad!

Andrew Koryuhin /Dark City №59/

Apocalyptic Rites 'zine #5

Kurwa jak ja dawno nie sluchalem Quo Vadis. Bardzo dawno temu panowie z tego zasluzonego dla polskiej muzyki rozrywkowej ansamblu, poszli w kierunku zupelnie nie zgadzajacym sie z moim pojmowaniem napierdalania metalu. W zwiazku z tym musielismy podziekowac sobie za wspolprace. Po jakims jednak czasie Szczecinianie zaczeli najpierw niesmialo a pozniej coraz bardziej wracac na wlasciwe tory i oto mamy „Infernal Chaos”. Quo Vadis nie wraca oczywiscie do uwielbianej przez wielu Metaluchow srednio-starszego pokolenia „MONofobii”, ale i tak robi niezla thrashowa rozpierduche. Zespol pozbieral to co najlepsze w ich tworczosci (lacznie z tymi wg. mnie slabszymi propozycjami plytowymi) i zajebal konkretnie muza znajdujaca sie na przecieciu thrashu, heavy i rocka. Przy czym dobry thrash jest tu skladnikiem dominujacym. Jakos mi tak glupio recenzowac, w sensie rozkladac te plyte na czynniki pierwsze … Raz, ze QV to legenda, a dwa bo to po prostu bardzo dobry metalowy album. Jest ciezki, agresywny, melodyjny z mocnymi wokalami i podnioslymi chorkami. I chuj wystarczy tego ….

Apocalyptic Rites 'zine #5



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