Terroraiser #43

For the first time of 10 years existence the Polish band Cryptic produced the album with securing support of well know (in the CIS) label “Total Metal Records” (subdivision of “Metal Scrap Records”). During its existence a band changed the composition repeatedly and now when all became into the places we can see and hear without problems what was expected so long.
«Infinite Torment» is not quite ordinary album, its style is determined as «Old school apocalyptic death / thrash metal» and first what indeed strikes the eyes it’s able to interest a listener. The album was recorded in Polish “Studio 78”. As far as quality concerned guys are great and it not surprisingly, it’s well known that Poland is able to do the business high-quality well. Design include 16 pages booklet which is the excellent adding to 9 driving, spiteful, catching and aggressive compositions after the first acquaintance with which CD continues to twirl over and over. 
It’s obviously great success in creation of Cryptic and solid forward step on the metal-stage. I am sure more than 100% that the fans of this style will not be disappointed if will purchase CD of Polish band Cryptic «Infinite Torment» to their collections. 

Estimation: 9/10

Andrey Chub /Terroraiser #43/


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