Poland’s Cryptic torment take into their work with their tools and cut their material a lot finer than a number of other extreme metal outfits on the mingy face of the planet manage.
Though treated to predominantly predictable gut-spewing from leader Tomash, its back to the otherwise off-kilter commerciality that the twin guitar element has moulded itself into there across the Danube. Bay-area favouring rhythms and bouncy progressions sit alongside juttery chord sustains that do your skul lthe equal level of harassment.
Brilliantly balanced between over-soft and out-and-out racket, ‘Kingdom Of The Blind’, ’Salvation’, ‘On Wings Of Chaos’, ‘New Existence’, ‘Infected Soul’ and ‘Visions From The Abyss’ sell with their solos and strong consistence of pace without casting away the reins of versatility, something fellow East Europeans C-300 could have tried their hand at.
Torment well worth enduring.

Dave Attrill (www.metalliville.co.uk)


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