Cryptic - Polish band with the experience, celebrating a decade of band activity by the debut (!) album. It’s take a long time as the Poles hatched a plan of attack and «Infinite Torment» turned out a sort of “Molotov cocktail” of decade aging whose fuel mix over the years has become more deadly. You will not find clean vocals and new-fangled hardcore elements in the album - just rage and aggression, multiplied by the execution and modern technology. The result had been an excellent high-speed old school death/thrash metal for the true fans of the style. The impression that the musicians have tried to adopt all that is best in death metal. In my opinion they succeeded – there’re no boring moments and walk-through of songs at all! Want to highlight the guitar solo something resembling a play of Chuck  Schuldiner and giving light smack of nostalgia for those days. Let Cryptic did not grab the stars from the sky, but apparently they are not seek for it - not beyond style simply and tastefully done mighty, complete drive album. Definitely it is a breakthrough from the underground to a wider stage for the band.

P.S. But the most interesting thing - CD officially released by Metal Scrap Records  in the Ukraine! Downright pride takes over the domestic manufacturer.



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