Rock-Prospekt #25

The album of the Poles begins with such dear to my heart death metal chords that I could not resist the sympathy for these brutal devils. It seems that they simply do not care what year outside & which trends in music fashionable nowadays.
These five guys are tightly stuck in the first half of the nineties and cut the real Old School. Even a bit dry sound takes us back to better times of Entombed and other monsters of the Scandinavian scene. For some reason the music of this five is like the Swedish bands. Things, as expected, alternate temp then rushing forward at full speed then slowing down to a leisurely average only to break again in the mad gallop. There is a little space for lyrical moments. But these lyrical digressions usually completing the composition like diverting the listener into a world far different. "Horny" guitar solo are very short and concise in the sense of a set of notes, occasionally lit up the darkness of tracks like a flash of lightning. But do not think that the guys can not play solos. From time to time in the musical woven of the album stunning melodic solos by a truly golden threads! Tomasz growling just a few dry as well as all sound of the album is complemented by back vocals of bassist Hayman. This duo is simply caresses my ears after all the modern screams which we hear from many of today's bands. Toolset as severe and austere like a set of riffs. Only a couple of guitars, bass and drums. And what else do death metal man need to express his emotions?
This album is a definite plus as well as its duration, not exceeding thirty minutes. That's it for a hand to reached out to press the "repeat".
To summarize I can say that the album should please all lovers of good old death metal by its authenticity. However, you will not find any revelations here just follow the canons.

Maxim /Rock-Prospekt #25/


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