Metal Hammer Greece №381

Metal Hammer Greece 381A deafening rebirth of the 90's, a wave of fiery metal, full with passion and aggression.
The Athenians are not kidding at all, not that we had any doubt about it.
Their DNA is already defined by their 90's influences so what was left for them to do was to demonstrate their own strong cards.
Smouldering anger, vicious expression, determination, vision, ambition... these are the first characteristics that comes in mind when I write about them.
They didn't rest upon the good reviews they received for their previous albums, as they tried to surpass themselves. And they succeeded! For example Alexander's vocals are noticeably improved and he has essence and wrath and when needed, in the more melodic parts, he shows a quality that very few in extreme metal possess, making himself a strong asset for the band. In many cases he brings Hansi Kursch in mind. On the other hand Akis continues even more focused than before to channel his way of thinking in the musical and lyrical planning of the album. And Thanos puts his own stone (at the shores) giving a mournful yet redeeming epilogue to the album.
We can't categorize them under any specific genre because they blend together, successfully, many metal branches. When you try to put them under the thrash/power sign (which is their base), some doom/epic thunders, which brings in mind Primordial, comes crushing down. Also eastern folk elements as we know it from Orphaned land, enriches some dark moments and they fit perfectly. Even the cape of modern extreme metal covers, when needed, the soundscapes that the band creates. I'm speechless! It's official, Desert Near The End enters the elit of the Greek Metal scene. Welcome them as they deserve.

Metal Hammer Greece №381


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