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Although the band is active since 1997 (unde different monikers though), and this is their third full-length under the Desert Near The End banner, I haven't heard of them before and the beginning of this CD make me think I'm about to experience some fat and brutal Death Metal, but for my surprise that was not the case. DNTE's music sounds ultra-oppressive and extremely heavy because of the low-tuned and mostly very fast paced rhythm section, an intensive, Thrash Death Metal like drumming which although programmed doesn't sound synthetic at all, and a bulldozer-like bass line. The guitars are more on the traditional Thrash Metal path, with some epic parts here and there, and the vocals are clearly the ones that give this band a Power Metal feeling, but all is extreme and very heavy on this record, I'm impressed by the energy liberated by this Greek trio and also by the brutal take on Power Thrash Metal these guys managed to offer on this third album. CD comes with a 12 pages booklet featuring all lyrics, but I would have liked the cover artwork to be clearer though.

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