Gorger's Metal

In 2014, Rik Charron, drummer of Canada's legendary speed metal act Exciter left after nearly 20 years of service. The reason appears to be that the band's only remaining original member, guitarist John Ricci first announced his retirement before reconsidering and reforming the band with the original line-up.
The following year, Dark Ministry was born.
Rik, who turns 50 just before Yule-time, has recruited four unknown younglings to continue what he does best, hammer out speed/thrash.
The EP The Sermon Begins consists of three tracks divided over ten minutes, and was completed half an eternity ago. In early February, the band announced that they'd been signed by Metal Scrap Records, and the release is finally out through the sub-label Total Metal.
My relationship to thrash has largely been restricted to the dark side. Early black/thrash and other thrash with dark undertones have always appealed more than colourful covers and themes marked by radioactive mutations. But despite limited knowledge I have never discarded heavy metal's rapid devil spawn: speed metal.
Killing Machine goes straight to work with thrashing riffs. The combination of driving riffs and rhythms form the core before the solo lifts the track a little higher. The vocals are a bit to “talkative” for my taste, and gives the song a touch of Anthrax's distinctive approach to the genre. Something that doesn't quite make sense as Anthrax was the thash metal band with the vocalist who actually sang.
Voodoo Sacrifice is the shortest of the songs, and it doesn't take long before the guitar-fireworks are launched. The downside is the sequences where guitar and drums goes monotonically on repeat and leaves the stage to singer Tyler Knapp who drag the music in the wrong direction with groovy hardcore-punk and semi-rap vocals. Or something. The style is beyond my expertise. More cool guitar parts drag the track back in the right direction, though.
Blood Driven is the third and last song, and yet another example of speedy metal with elements from heavy, thrash and death. Energetic drumming finishes off a short EP with vital guitars which this time keeps the vocalist more in check. With more diversity, more metal and a more meaningful solo, this is undoubtedly a personal favourite.
With two guitars in decent interaction, it's desirable to see more thorough duels, but one can always hope for better exploited twin guitars on the upcoming album. Twelve tracks intended for the album debut is long since written.
As you already realize, I have a taste for the riffs, drumming, solos and the flow in general. The song content could, however, have been somewhat stronger, and the vocals lowers the impression on my part.
The music is nevertheless absolutely alright. At its best, I'm really digging what is delivered. Less picky bastards might savour this a few notches more than me. Nice cover art, by the way.

Gorger's Metal


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