Dark Ministry comes from Canada and were founded in ex long time Exciter drummer Rik Charron and this is their debut e.p. that is here to prepare us for the coming full length album.
The e.p. contains three tracks of darker thrash metal with some classic heavy metal influences but I can also hear some hardcore influence, mainly in singing, or better said shouting. “Killing Machine” is classic thrash aggressive song made to mosh to a guitar driven wall of sound coming from the speakers. Vocals are shouted like many hardcore bands do and they fit perfectly in the song. The second song “Voodoo Sacrifice” is more melodic, having excellent main guitar melody, dark but memorable and also some great hooks in the song. Loved it! The third and final song “Blood Driven” is very brutal and rough and full of anger. I loved every single minute of this e.p. and cant wait for the new material and a full length album.

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