NECRONOMICON "Invictus" 2020
/Total Metal Records/

1. Invictus 06:46
2. Unleashed 04:06
3. Bloody Bastards 04:05
4. Thoughts Running Free 05:51
5. Unconquered 05:58
6. Upon Black Wings 04:42
7. Face to the Wall 05:18
8. Pandora’s Box 04:05
9. Before the Curtain Falls 04:44
10. Possessed by Evil 2011 05:02
Bonus track:
11. Possessed Again (Unplugged) 04:10
Total playing time: 54:50 min.




Soilgrinder Zine #7


Metal Archives band list sites 6 Necronomicons. This one from Germany happens to be the oldest, starting in 1984. Not ot be confused with the 7th Necronomicon which is krautrock, these guys play some Quality Hallows Eve styled speed metal, and when I say that, I mean, speed metal! The vocals are a scratchy throated combo of John Connelly and Chuck Billy. A funny fake crowd sample and the album title repeated at the end of the first track are a few examples of the quirky little things they thrown in to this whiplash violence testament.

Atmosfear #26

Atmosfear 26  

Очень многие лейблы сейчас делают разные переиздания каких-нибудь культовых или значимых альбомов. В итоге частенько приходится рецензировать какие-то переиздания и вот думаешь, а стоит ли? Да хрен его знает. Наверное, почему бы и нет? Ведь если есть олды которые считают, что переиздание это уже не тру, звук не тот, но есть и другие меломаны с радостью желающие услышать легендарные творения, обретшие новую жизнь в отличном качестве и звучании. И последних я всё-таки думаю будет намного больше. Именно для таких сегодня Металскрап представляет переиздание легендарного альбома «Invictus» немецких трешеров Necronomicon. Бескомпромиссный и беспощадный мать его за ногу олдскульный треш в лучших его традициях. Первоклассное сочинение песен и высокопрофессиональный подход к своему делу вызывает уважение к музыкантам, а ещё офигеннейшее задорное настроение и эстетический оргазм от вкушения трешерских запилов и обновленного на современный лад звучания. Обновилась так же и обложка, а ещё в переиздание вошёл бонус трек. Готовьте свои уши к бомбёжке. Полный вперёд!

Vasyl Senevych (Atmosfear #26)


Metal Legion #7

metal legion 7  

Necronomicon are a German thrash metal band with an extensive discography from their inception on 1983. From the group's self-titled debut in 1986 to the now classic "Unleashed Bastards" in 2018, they have survived the usual punches of line-up and records label changes to cement their place in the Teutonic metal kingdom. They are currently joined by new lead guitarist Glen Shannon and we will be seeing another album in the near future. Pending all goes well in COVID-19 virus land, they are set to tour next spring with 3000AD in Europe. In these times of confusion and uncertainty, there is comfort in their recent album "Invictus", first released in 2012. The German thrash metal machine is exactly what you'd expect them to be and "Invictus" is an incendiary explosive assault of exquisite thrash metal. The tension builds from the opening title track with injections of sinister spoken words, a classic style metal ritual. Each song, actually, has powering riffs and assailing rhythms that amolify everything towards maximum sonic carnage. 'Pandora's Box' and 'Unconquered' stand out nicely with a plethora of riffs that cascade as they continue to paint rich tapestries in their style and capture th essence of epic metal. Each member displays great prowess with their individual musicianship to carve out solid hefty songs. Necronomicon have a groove, power, and plenty of intricacies that set them apart. 'Upon Black Wings' sits well with me with its nefarious intro that soon throws you into a whirlwind peppered with hooks, caustic riffs, and an enjoyable venomous vocal display. The acoustic calmness of 'Possessed Again (Unplugged)' showcases Glen Shannon's exceptional axe skills along with Volker "Freddy" Fredrich's rich haunting vocals.
"Invictus" is top of the range thrashing annihilation. The high-end credentials and expectations continue to carve massive gouges of sonic intent as Necronomicon show their veteran status with pride and honour. Long live Teutonic metal!

Allyson Kingsley (Metal Legion #7)


Invictus is a 2020 re-release of the Germans' 2012 album. Other than main man Freddy this album features members that are no longer in the band. None of Andy Gern, Andi Nagel or Klaus Enderlin seems to have been up to much since leaving Necronomicon shortly after 2012. The opener is the title track. A spoken word section gives way to thrash metal as good as any (German) band can deliver. Simple speedy riffing entertains without delivering a surprise or modern innovation. Keeping in mind that Necronomicon has been around since the inception of the style this is expected. Unleashed is an extension of the song before it. Divine Intervention era Slayer riffs are one sound-alike and Sodom is another. Bloody Bastards features a political theme and again has a few Slayer elements. Thoughts Running Free has a more dated feel. Unconquered brings in just a bit of Motorhead to Invictus. Upon Black Wings has an effective horror intro but horror seems to have little to do with the Megadeth inspired song itself. Face To The Wall draws inspiration too, this time from South Of Heaven. Pandora's Box has a few pure heavy metal elements. Before The Curtain Falls is the almost ballad that an album such as Invictus probably doesn't need. Possessed By Evil 2011 is a rework of the song first featured on Necronomicon's self-titled 1986 debut. It is aggressive, thrashing and evil! Possessed Again (Unplugged) is a bonus track and is a version of a song that was originally heard on 2004's Construction Of Evil. Why Unplugged? Perhaps only Freddy can answer, perhaps.

Anna Tergel (

Rock Hard #401

Rock Hard 401  

Anno 2012 veröffentlichten die deutschen Thrash-Urgesteine NECRONOMICON, die Shouter und Gitarrist Volker „Freddy“ Fredrich seit 1984 unbeirrt durchs metallische Universum führt, ihr siebtes Album „Invictus“. Selbiges enthielt neun neue Songs sowie ´Possessed By Evil´ vom 1986er Debütalbum in einer 2011er Neuaufnahme. Auf der just erschienenen Wiederveröffentlichung fungiert ´Possessed Again´ vom 2004er „Construction Of Evil“-Album in einer wunderbar respektive schrecklich kultigen Unplugged-Version als Bonustrack. Das Werk wurde zudem mit neuem Mix und Mastering von Knöpfchengott Achim Köhler sowie neuem Artwork von Jan „Örkki“ Yrlund versehen und ist als Digipak-CD, Kassette oder Boxset (mit CD, Tape und zwei Patches) erhältlich. Den Weg zu den verschiedenen Versionen weist euch

STEFAN GLAS (Rock Hard #401)

Rock Hard #59


Čo už sa dá k týmto starým deutsche hardcovníkom v úvode napísať? Asi len to, že momentálne nejde o žiadnu novinku, ale o reedíciu staršieho albumu z roku 2012, s názvom „Invictus“. Tento album originál vyšiel pod krídlami nemeckého labelu Massacre Records ako klasické CD a digipack CD. Aktuálne túto nahrávku oprášilo ukrajinské vydavateľstvo Total Metal Records, ktoré samozrejme patrí pod Metal Scrap Records. Ofi ciálne vydanie je 29. mája a album vychádza opäť ako digipack CD, zberateľsky na magnetofónovej kazete a ako boxset CD a kazeta. Títo nemeckí veteráni si to určite zaslúžia, hoc neviem prečo, táto kapela bola vždy akosi zaznávaná. Opätovne som si prehnal ušami album a musím konštatovať, že dosahuje vysokých kvalít a určite by som ja osobne radil túto kapelu na špicu nemeckého thrashu. Samozrejme, je to môj osobný názor, ako i to, že ja osobne mám nemecký thrash metal (čo sa týka počtu kapiel) radšej ako ten americký, hoc taký SLAYER je a bude u mňa večná legenda (na METALLICU po štvrtom albume veľmi krivo pozerám). Kapela mi z nemeckej scény asi najviac pripomína DESTRUCTION, hoci nechcem ani naznačiť, že by ich tvorby mali niečo spoločné. Skrátka milujem nemeckú thrash scénu a kapely KREATOR, SODOM, DESTRUCTION, ASSASSIN, PROTECTOR či starý TANKARD v tejto scéne hrajú u mňa prim. Aktuálna reedícia je o čosi dlhšia, nakoľko obsahuje o jednu skladbu naviac, akustickú verziu skladby „Possessed Again“, ktorá je akýmsi spestrením celého albumu. Novinka taktiež dostala nový obal, kde zúriaceho neurotika vystriedal lietajúci drak. Reedíciu hodnotím tak, ako by som tento album hodnotil v dobe jeho vzniku.

KREMATOR (Rock Hard #59)

Pest Webzine

This is a re-release of Necronomicon's 7th album from 2012, not such a good year for the band since it had to compete with Kreator's Phantom Antichrist, Flotsam & Jetsam's Ugly Noise or Testament's Dark Roots of Earth, to mention only the most important Thrash Metal releases of the year, but I guess Necronomicon are used to this competition as they've always been there but unfortunately for them they've never had the chance to reach (or convince?) the masses like their peers from Kreator, Sodom or Destruction for example. Invictus is a mix of Teutonic Thrash Metal with American Thrash Metal with some obvious influences from Heavy and Power Metal and with a polished, professional production to make them proud, but what it lacks is the memorability factor, each and every track sounds good and one can easily get into this album, but after the audition one's not left with much to remember and maybe hum waiting for a replay. The same goes for the aggression displayed here, as by nature Thrash Metal is savage and energetic but Necronomicon somehow hold the aggression back by incorporating Power Metal melodies and keeping the rhythms to a mostly mid-tempo pace with only occasional outbursts of speed. Anyway, that being said don't get me wrong, Invictus sounds killer, and the first word that comes to mind after the audition is "professional", Necronomicon sounds professional on this album, like they've been extra-attentive to every bit of sound on it, and reaching almost 30 years of activity at the release date back then, it's impressive to hear such energy and commitment from the Thrash Metal veterans from the South of Germany. The re-release version comes with two bonus tracks and a new cover artwork, worth a spot in your collection.

Adrian (

Metal Centre

NECRONOMICON is not only the title of the legendary book invented by Howard Phillips Lovecraft, but it also is the name of the legendary German Thrash Metal band, whose origins date back to 1984, and which functions with some breaks to this day. The seventh album of the band – “Invictus”, originally was released in 2012, and it has been re-released for the first time thanks to the Ukrainian label Total Metal Records. This re-release includes a bonus track and the new cover art.
This album combines the tradition of furious and rough German Thrash Metal with some significant features of the melodicity of American Thrash Metal from Bay Area…
Strong and distinct songs, heavy and predatory, full of guitar licks and accents sound very crushing, regardless of whether they are fast or slow down. However, between these hard riffs and drum’s beats there are short melodies and even clean guitars evoking a dark atmosphere, some mysterious mood…
Hoarse screaming multi-colored vocals transformed into growling leaves no illusions. Here is sharp and aggressive. Their arrangement at particular phases of phrases gives a kind of dialogue characteristics. Freddy also proves that he can sings in Rock’s style…
The real surprise is the ballad track “Before the Curtain Falls”. Thrash Metal ballads always work well. In the song we will find the traditional instrumentation, melancholic introduction and progression towards stronger beats, an atmospheric solo and melodic singing, a catchy chorus as well as the sounds of the violin and keyboards were also used, which raised this Thrash Metal ballad above average. The album is crowned with another surprise, an acoustic version of “Possessed Again”, in which the musicians show their broad musical horizons… Flamenco Music?
Some songs precede short intros or are “announced” by mysterious declamations or monologues. Overall, the material, as for Thrash Metal, is atmospheric in its own way.

Pavel (Metal Centre)


While we await the new album from Necronomicon, due in November 2020, the band decided to re-release one of their best albums to date, 'Invictus'. Necronomicon is not a band I was initially unfamiliar with but my decision to add them to my review list allowed me to listen to their music catalog. This led me to 'Invictus', now one of my favorite CDs. Thank you, Necronomicon.
Formed in Germany in 1983, the band was often classified as thrash/speed metal, however they are so much more. Invictus verifies the diversity that makes this band shine with an array of fierce, thumping metal, melodic interludes, and a similarity to early Kai Hansen led Helloween, Invictus easily falls under music you need to own.
Opening with the title track, Invictus gives listeners an avid warning spoken word declaring 'The Game Has Begun'. After a melodic guitar interval, the song takes off like heavy metal wildfire. The well-orchestrated time changes and original member Volker 'Freddy' Fredrich’s strong vocals is a flawless introduction to what Invictus perfects.
The technically brilliant dual guitar work from Volker and Andi Gern bring a harder edged sound to 'Bloody B*st*rds' and 'Thoughts Running Free'. The speed metal virtuosity, of these gentlemen are reminiscent of power metal remarkable duos such as Kai Hansen and Michael Weikath. In fact, numerous tracks are evocative of Helloween’s 'Walls Of Jericho' and by that comparison I imply an immense compliment.
'Face the Wall' with its haunting melody and evocative synergy enthralls the listener . The magnificent bass tone by Andi Nagal is precise and compliments the astounding work of the rest of the band.
I listened to Invictus several times, not only to understand what makes this band tick but because I simply like it. in other words, this is the music that attracts me and others who hunger for music they may not have previously been aware of. If you have not listened to Invictus, it is time you do.

Dawn Belotti (

Rockcor #171

Rockcor 171Что и говорить, немецкий трэш – залог качества. И для тех, кто пропустил в 2012 году отличный релиз группы Necronomicon, есть возможность насладиться им сейчас. Лейбл Total Metal перевыпустил диск, который при иных обстоятельствах вполне мог стать классическим. После недобрых смеха и шептаний в начале первого трека музыканты быстро переходят от слов к делу, вжаривая по полной. Если где то еще в первую очередь бросаются в глаза техничные гитарные запилы, безумный бой кардана, подобный звериному крику голос вокалиста, то здесь именно тот случай, когда поражает все вместе, благо и записано
все с чисто немецким аккуратизмом. Никаких тебе слез и соплей – чистый трэш нонстопом, агрессивный, наглый, вторгающийся в сознание сверлом и застревающий напрочь. Не забудем и о внесенных изменениях. Страшную морду с изначальной обложки заменила куда более стильная горгулья, кроме того, теперь к изданию на CD прилагается кассета для ценителей. В качестве бонуса два трека из 2011 года, один из которых выполнен в акустическом варианте, где даже присутствует испанская
классическая гитара. Кто-то из рецензентов уже поражался, почему же он пропустил такую красоту в своей буйной молодости. Я его очень понимаю.

Михаил Ларсов (Rockcor #171)

Metal Temple

NECRONOMICON are thrash metal legends from Germany who have been tearing it up since 1984 and this album is the re-release of their modern classic Invictus, which was unleashed in May 2020. Although the only original member here is Freddy, the new line up sounds hungrier and raring to show you what they can do.
The album opens with the title track “Invictus”. The intro is spoken word which then leads into real 80’s thrash metal riffing, sort of reminds me of the intro section to “Number of the Beast” by IRON MAIDEN. Some very SLAYER like sections in there too with a really cool twin guitar plus bass riff that really adds to the sound. The mid section really shows the skills of the bass playing and is then followed by an awesome guitar solo. Really great way to open the album.
With its evil sounding opening riffing “Bloody Bastards” makes for a great song. The drums sound powerful, the riffs make you want to put your fist in the air and the guitar solo just lifts the song up. After that there is “Thoughts Running Free” which from the start has a slower pace and some great lead guitar work. It then bursts into a real bang your head riff and then then some back and forth guitar sections.
The intro to “Upon Black Wings” gives you a sense that something evil is coming. The band then bursts in with an old school thrash metal approach and a lead guitar that really shines. This is a really great song. “Before the Curtain Falls” opens with some beautiful acoustics which shows a band like these guys aren’t afraid to take risks. This song really stands out as the heavy riffing stomps its way in. This song almost reminds me of “A Tout Le Monde” by MEGADEATH.
The album closes with “Possessed by Evil” and with this one NECRONOMICON are going out fighting. The song is packed with killer riffing, a mid section which quiets down a bit only to jump back up again with a fierce guitar solo and thunderous drumming. With this song they are leaving their mark on the metal world. And as an added bonus for this re-release edition there is a bonus track at the end of an acoustic version of Possessed again” which is worth checking out.
A lot of sections on this sound a little SLAYER like mixed with a bit of that NWOBHM sound from the 80’s. Some real killer riffing throughout which really make you wanna raise your fist in the air and bang your head to. Some really awesome drumming here as well. The guitar solos are very cool and at parts the bass is very melodic. For thrash metal fans Invictus is a must have.

John Foley (

Dark UndergroundMusic Zine

Necronomicon are a band from Germany that has had music reviewed before in this zine and where a part of both the first wave of black metal and the 80's German thrash metal scene and over the years have evolved into more of a power/thrash metal direction and this is a review of their 2020 album "Invictus" which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
Spoken word and thunder samples start off the album before going into more of a heavier and melodic musical direction. Blast beats can also be heard in the faster sections of the songs while the riffs also add in a great amount of thrash metal elements and the vocals a redone in a very rough and melodic fashion and adding in touches of power metal.
Most of the music is also very heavily rooted in the 80's while also mixing it with a more modern day aggression. Throughout the recording you can also hear a decent mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts along with some clean playing also being added into some parts of the recording.
When guitar solos and leads are utilized they are also done in a very melodic yet old school style along with the spoken word samples also making a return on some of the later tracks as well as adding in a brief use of synths, all of the musical instruments also have a very powerful sound to them and as the album progresses a brief use of acoustic guitars and stringed instruments can also be heard. the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover Evil, Death, Satanism, Occultism, Mythology, and Suffering themes.
In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Necronomicon and if you are a f an of power, thrash and first wave black metal, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Invictus" "Thoughts Running Free" "Upon Black Wings" and "Possessed By Evil".

OccultBlackMetal (

Metal Express Radio

Necronomicon’s seventh album Invictus opens with a modified excerpt of the great W.B. Yates poem “The Second Coming”. Originally written to describe post-World War One Europe, the oft-quoted poem’s apocalyptic imagery is sadly as apt today as when originally written. Or when Invictus was originally written and recorded for release in 2012; in addition to the new cover art the re-release features one additional song, an acoustic tune called “Possessed Again”, a song that shows off guitarist Glen Shannon’s versatility with a short Flamenco run near the end. Freddy Necronomicon’s vocals for the song are surprisingly fitting as well, an odd break from the screaming assault of the rest of the album.
While an interesting addition to the album, “Possessed Again” isn’t going to bring listeners back to the album, nor is the new cover art. Barring a slate of bonus track or remastering, re-releases of “blink and you missed it” previous releases have to rely on the strength of the songs, and fortunately the songs on Invictus pack a solid wallop. The title cut is a Thrash classic from Freddy’s opening scream, riding a locked-in riff and exceptional clean production into a dark maelstrom of sound. Rik “Roundcat” Charron provides the rhythmic bedrock for Necronomicon’s attack; Marco Lohrenz on bass keeps the energy flowing relentlessly on subsequent tracks “Unleashed” and “Bloody Bastards”. “Thoughts Running Free” begins at a Classic Metal pace before Charron kicks it up a few notches; Necronomic like to keep things lively with alternating tempos, although nearly every cut has an all-out Thrash workout.
“Unconquered” also makes use of a steady escalating build, climbing to an inevitable Thrash clash after a majestic guitar solo. One of the more interesting cuts on the album, “Unconquered” also employs a quiet interlude, layered vocals, and puts Lohrenz’s bass at the forefront of the mix to give the listener a unique experience.
“Upon Black Wings” and “Face To The Wall” are less impressive, although the latter is partially redeemed by the percussive performance of Charron. “Pandora’s Box” is a return to form and features a particularly raw performance from Freddy. “Before The Curtain Falls” opens with strings and whispered vocals and never really gets out of the gate. “Possessed By Evil” returns to Thrash form but the overall effect is muted by an extended dialogue midway through the track that fails to enhance the impact of the song (although the kazoo blast at the end is a nice touch).
Invictus follows the pattern of many modern Metal releases with its powerful opening and uneven second half, but the overall result is inventive and hard-hitting enough to please anyone who missed the album in its initial release.

Daniel Waters (Metal Express Radio)

R'Lyeh Magazine #16

Gdyby nie reedycja tej płyty, zapewne nie posłuchałbym kolejnych płyt tego zespołu, który dla mnie przestał istnieć jeszcze w latach osiemdziesiątych. Tak, jestem ignorantem. Niemniej odpaliwszy ten krążek przejrzałem na oczy i poczułem wstyd. Naprawdę- wstydzę się, że postawiłem krechę na tym zespole, który udowodnił między innymi tym krążkiem- że wart jest więcej niż mogłem sobie wyobrazić. „Invictus” w świecie Thrash Metalu jest płytą wybitną i stawiam skrzynkę wódki, przeciwko butelce oranżady, że za sto lat, gdy będzie mowa o najważniejszych płytach tego gatunku- NECRONOMICON i „Invictus” będzie się w tej dyskusji przewijał. To jest naprawdę niesamowite. Żywioł Thrashowy i nastrojowe, radiowe niemal hiciory w stylu „Before The Curtain Falls” to energetyczne bomby atomowe, które zamiatają z miejsca! Doskonała konstrukcja riffów w szybszych motywach była zapewne pisana z myślą o koncertach. Bezapelacyjnie taki „Unconquered” wkręci każdego w wir pod sceną! Sam sobie urządziłem w pokoju taki koncert odpalając tę płytę na full i wierzcie mi- skoki z kanapy na dywan też potrafią dać radochę! Kurwa mać- dla takich płyt warto żyć! Ze też prawie ją przegapiłem… Zamawiać w Total Metal! 

R'Lyeh Magazine #16


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